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If you cannot work what would happen to your business? How would you pay the rent and important staff if you are in a small business?

Key Man

If you run a business and employ staff that are important to the business they are what can be called Key people that should be insured.

Succession Planning

If you are in business what if you die or totally and permanently disabled where will the funds come from to pay for your share of the business?


It is important to do a needs analysis to check what if….What if your income stopped due to injury or sickness, or if you died prematurely?

Term Life Insurance

Pays a lump sum on death.

Income Protection

Insure up to 75% of your income if you are unable to work. Watch out for those cheap and nasty products you hear about on television.

Total Permanent Disability TPD

Receive a lump sum if you are permanently disabled


Originally called dreaded diseases, pays a lump sum if you contract specified diseases.

Accident Life & Income Insurance

What it says if you die as a result of an accident pays a lump sum. Pays an income if you have an accident.


Nobody likes to think of the worst case scenario but if the unexpected was to happen to you would you, your family and business be protected? Contacting XL Planners will give you peace of mind about a secure future for your dependents and business interests. We are professionals in advising on an extensive range of risk insurance products. Please contact us if you would like to discuss your risk insurance options.

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