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21 Oct

What we owe

EVERYTHING BORROWED MUST BE PAID BACK $2.2 trillion. That’s how much Australian households owe right now, according to the latest ABS stats.i Household liabilities grew by $1.2 billion in the last quarter alone. Real household debt per person has risen steadily by around 2 per cent per year, and now sits at around $79,000 per […]

21 Oct


ARE YOU AFFLICTED? ‘Million Dollar Shoppers’. ‘Confessions of a Shopaholic’. ‘My Shopping Addiction’. ‘Shop ‘Til You Drop’. ‘Haul’ videos on YouTube. These aren’t just entertaining titles, they’re also tacit acknowledgements of our society’s consumerist craze.  These days, spending a lot of money on things is considered unremarkable at worst. It’s a sign that we’re becoming comfortable […]

21 Oct

Super gets a makeover again

Just when those saving for retirement thought the rules couldn’t get any more complex, the Turnbull Government has revised some of the key elements of the controversial superannuation reforms it announced in the May 2016 Federal Budget. Despite this, the reforms still represent significant alterations to the current superannuation system. Assuming the changes are legislated, […]